Essential (Price Action)

The Complete Beginner Market Profile course to get a detailed understanding of basic share market theories and market profile concepts.

Take Away Of The Course

Basic Share Market Concepts

  • Basic knowledge about shares, stocks, bonds, and other investment platforms.
  • The functionality of the stock market and how to start trading.
  • Definition of fundamental and technical analysis and their purpose.
  • Basic understanding of stock evaluation
  • How to choose the right broker.
  • Exposure to the financial jargon used in the share market.
  • Different financial intermediaries and their effect on the market.
  • Introduction to growth & value investing.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

  • Learn to analyze the market at every level and generate profit by trading and investing.
  • Application of skills in any market product such as stock, commodity, index, forex, cryptocurrency, etc.
  • Knowledge about all practical indicators and oscillators
  • Create maximum profit at minimum risk
  • Trading of stock with step by step approach
  • Understand and utilize institutional investors’ details
  • Analyze the fair value of stocks
  • Invest in companies with high growth potential
  • Realtime analysis of US and Indian stocks
  • Beginner Technical Analysis: Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume, and Technical Indicators.

Essential Price

  • Technical analysis basics is a key in share market trading and is a large subject which includes moving average and many other trading setups. It is an introductory module.
  • The market theory includes Charles Dow’s famous theory related to market movements and various other patterns including 10 strategies Set up and rules of waves formation.
  • Introduction to Candlestick chart in detail and to bring down the noise on the chart with Heikin-Ashi Chart & Renko Chart
  • Trading knowledge in Reversal, continuation, and event base chart patterns. Exposure to chart patterns used in trading.

Course Details

This is a beginner share market trading course that gives you a good start with basic knowledge about the share market, market profile concepts, and trading ideas.

In this course, you will be introduced on aspects like how to trade the stock market. It is a course designed for individuals who are beginners and are at an intermediary level in share market knowledge.

We introduced this course with basic concepts and work towards functional & technical analysis and moved forward with a basic market profile curriculum.

By the end of this course, you will have an idea about the functionality of the stock market. We help you understand stock, the need for brokers, and the purpose of exchanges.

Also, you will learn various basic concepts such as functional & technical analysis, orders, global market analysis, and more. Furthermore, we also help you with recommended resources for learning about the share market.

We also cover a few advanced topics like charts, candlesticks, trends, support & resistance, chart patterns, and more.

Apart from theoretical share market lessons, the course syllabus also covers trading psychology, which is how to keep emotions in control while taking money-making decisions.

This course is crafted to give you a detailed understanding of the share market from scratch!

Who this course is for

  • Beginners who want to straighten the learning curve.
  • Traders who have just entered the market and traders who look forward to learning more.
  • Everyone who is interested in trading the stock market.
  • Anyone who wants to learn key concepts of trading.
  • Traders who want to time their entries and exits perfectly.

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