Core (Market Profile)

Advanced techniques and tactics to create a profitable short-term trading strategy.

Take Away Of The Course

Basic Share Market Concepts

  • Basic knowledge about shares, stocks, bonds, and other investment platforms.
  • The functionality of the stock market and how to start trading.
  • Definition of fundamental and technical analysis and their purpose.
  • Basic understanding of stock evaluation
  • How to choose the right broker.
  • Exposure to the financial jargon used in the share market.
  • Different financial intermediaries and their effect on the market.
  • Introduction to growth & value investing.

Fundamental & Technical Analysis

  • Learn to analyze the market at every level and generate profit by trading and investing.
  • Application of skills in any market product such as stock, commodity, index, forex, cryptocurrency etc.
  • Knowledge about all practical indicators and oscillators
  • Create maximum profit at minimum risk
  • Trading of stock with step by step approach
  • Understand and utilize institutional investors details
  • Analyze the fair value of stocks
  • Realtime assessment of US and Indian stocks
  • Access and use institutional investors data
  • Invest in companies with high growth potential
  • Realtime analysis of US and Indian stocks
  • Beginner Technical Analysis: Candlestick Patterns, Chart Patterns, Volume and Technical Indicators.

Core (Market Profile)

  • Application of market profile
  • Analyze everyday market sentiment through market profile
  • Framing strategies with market profile knowledge
  • Teaching to use profile concepts effectively

Course Details

Are you interested in share market trading but not sure how to start & where to start.

You want to begin trading and investing but have limited knowledge about basic concepts and find it difficult to handle trading on a real time basis.

Are words such as fundamentals, technical indicators, and valuation sound complicated? Are trading and market jargons difficult to understand? If your answer is yes then here is the course for you. This course targets intermediate learners who have average knowledge about the stock market and have the urge to learn more.

This course introduces you to the key concepts of market profile like Point of Control (POC) , initiative and responsive activities. You will gain knowledge to identify single prints and buying or selling tails and how to use them in your trading. The course offers different practical trading idea examples started through Market Profile. Also, you will learn to assess value and perform trading in any type of market.

On completion of this course, you will learn to trade in any market and apply these concepts on an everyday basis. Prices and market usually don’t repeat and every time it is unique but market profile structures usually repeat everyday. You will get to know the most significant structures and with some training & experience you will learn to segregate any market as a single standard market profile mode.

Generally technical indicators are simply derivatives of price. They are assessed from prices and lag behind the real momentum. The market profile on the other end is a change of price so has no lag. In short, it is simply the other way to represent and check the data. It is usually known that most of the traders go on a loss thus applying standard tools like technical indicators and simple charts will probably rank you among the majority. By following the outlier data visualization approach, you are holding yourself amongst the minority ( profitable traders).

Who this course is for

  • Beginners in trading with minimum 1 year experience & want to upgrade their knowledge about profile trading.
  • Intermediate traders who look out for a systematic orderly technique to place themselves intraday

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We train Market Profile and Order Flow concepts in Equities, Futures, Commodities, Forex, etc. We have 21 years of experience in markets with that we created Powerful trading strategies which gives Consistent Results.