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Our training sessions are curated with market knowledge based curriculum that helps in identifying the root causes of failure in financial market and also helps in recognizing the winning and losing stocks. We at Share Market Profile show you the roadmap to definite success and scalability.

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Share Market Profile

We at share market profile have designed out stock trading course curriculum to give you a complete insight into how the stock market functions. Our stock trading courses for beginners comprise of syllabus that is simple and basic knowledge like the process a company follows to turn into a publicly traded company.

The evolution of stock market is interesting to learn. Our various courses like online stock market courses, stock broker courses and stock exchange courses cover the historical evolution to present day’s development in trading.

Share Market Profile gives you an opportunity to master the technic aspects of trading – Candlestick patterns, Chart Patterns, volume and technical indicators. Our teaching and training sessions impart knowledge from a trader’s standpoint.
We also help you explore various stock exchanges with our special stock exchange programs online & live – NYSE, NASDAQ & AMEX. Apart from knowledge building our syllabus also helps you handle market risks, portfolio risks and help manage losses in trading.
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Our Courses

Professional Trader
We emphasize on better trading practices through best online stock trading courses for beginners with strategies and terminologies of stocks & share broking. Turn to be successful trader from a learner.
Options Pro
Get equipped with tools and techniques of stock market to focus on the right direction of the investment options. Enroll to enrich yourself to buy and sell stocks to turn trading profitable.
Trading Desk
Redefine your practical knowledge on trading with hedging strategies and intraday analysis. Learn futures and options from practical sessions and live share trading training from experts and specialists of share market. Open up to the practical trading with live training.

Live Trading Training

Our students have exclusive access to live trading room. Using our Live Analysis and recommendations you will learn as well as Earn On Daily Basis on the following scripts.

Our Key Strategies

Take Your Stock Market Trading Experience To The New Level


Our Journey & Our Practices

Share Market Profile is a pioneer institution in offering certificate courses in share market trading in Chennai and has been leading at the forefront amongst various institutes that offer financial technical analysis course.
Being in the field for about 21 years , our experience & expertise has helped us create the successful trading strategies that assures consistent results.

Driven by our Core values we impart best trading practices through online share trading course and various other stock exchange courses.
Simple Concepts | Live Trading Support | Result Oriented lessons | Explore new challenges

We believe that everyone has the right to financially literate irrespective of their gender, age and economic stature. Our concepts are curated in the simplest forms with relatable ideas that makes your learning experience easy and worthy.

Beginning with stock trading courses for beginners to advance technical analysis courses, we are one the best share training institute in Chennai. Our share market training classes in Chennai focus on investing, fundamental financial concepts, technical analysis and options trading. Our major area of focus is risk management and project capital. WE drive our concepts with PDRC principle of trading i.e. Patience, Discipline, Risk management and Consistency.
Our speciality is the Live Trading Desk that helps your reap returns in just 21 days. Our market experts offer personal attention and provide a holistic understanding on all subjects related to share market course in Tamil and English.

Step in @ Share Market Profile & Step out with confidence to earn consistently.

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